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Te echo de menos
A dream is a wish your heart makes,
But a wish is a dream your heart makes up to
Make you feel a little better about where you are in life.
It allows you to feel like you're not helpless and hopeless
Or out of breath from screaming so loudly for the notice
Of someone. We've all got someone.
I wonder if the stars are the same three hundred miles away,
Or if the moon shines as brightly over your face as it does mine.
Does time crawl along as slowly there?
It's on it's hands and knees for me, taking its sweet damn time.
I often wish that there's something more I could do, that I could say,
That I could think about to distract my mind from being riddled with you,
As it's already filled to the brim, about to overflow.
All I can do is wait, but patience and I aren't really friends.
Perhaps I should try and patch things up, or every night will be
A rerun of the only show playing on my eyelids, entitled You.
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Doleful eyes shine bright and blue
And it is through them that I see
All the things I used to love when I was young.
Things that have since slipped through
Proverbial cracks, like stolid sand,
Sick with grief of losing tenacity.
I see things waste away, and lose shape
Until finally they are nothing, missed opportunities.
You're running miles ahead of me,
And I fear I'll never catch up enough to
Grab hold of you.
I'm slower than Father Time
When he walks on his hands.
It's hard to decipher rain from
Homemade salt water trickling down your cheeks
When you're standing in a storm.
It's cold and it stings your eyes,
But it's something.
:iconwithmybymyself:Withmybymyself 0 0
A Gift
I'm trapped in this box.
I'm trapped in this box and the ribbons are tied tightly
At the top and there are no air holes, save this
Tiny crack in the cardboard, through which a
Streak of light paints a corner of it.
I'm out of breath because I've just wrung out my lungs
In an attempt to get the fleeting attention of someone
To set me free.
It's as simple as cutting ribbon
But no one seems interested.
Glassy tears slide down my cheeks
And finally I sit.
And I think of how it used to be.
I think about the open air and crashing waves,
Grass stains and summer breezes.
I think of what makes me happy.
I think of them.
The ones who love and miss me,
Those who would do anything to free me of this feeling.
:iconwithmybymyself:Withmybymyself 0 0
I'll keep my love for you in a jar
On top of the refrigerator
So we can look at it swirling around
In the center and climbing
To the top then careening,
Carefree, to the bottom.
Days will drag like chains around your ankles
And they will rip you apart until there's only
Wisps of you, floating around in the normal routine.
Shadows of who you thought you were, or could be,
Or who you could never be.
And you'll feel strangled by the clock's hands
Ticking, ticking, ticking,
Wanting to just let go of everything so maybe
They would follow suit.
But know that I will be waiting.
I will plant myself in you
So that you will never truly be alone.
I will tend to you,
Nourish you,
Love you the best I can.
Knowing full well that you will do the same
For me.
And we'll watch the sun set,
Casting golds and oranges over our jar.
:iconwithmybymyself:Withmybymyself 1 1
You are etched in me.
You are etched in me and you have
All of me, every single square inch
Of me. Together, through
Clasped hands joined completely,
Forever and ever amen
We reach into the depths of me and retrieve
This love with whom I have never been too familiar.
Your eyes, which remind me of places
Much greener than here doused in you,
The man in the moon,
Are the only eyes I wish to know.
Sometimes I'll just run
Because the distance just can't beat the
Essence of you, gushing
Out of my soul, onto pavement
And I'll cry tears of you.
And smile for the love of you.
And soon enough
I'm home again in your arms and
You wipe the moonlight from my eyes.
:iconwithmybymyself:Withmybymyself 0 0
Thinking Outloud
I don't hate the concept of time as
Most dilly dalliers or the "motivated" do
They see time through lenses of fear and urgency,
Never having enough, always making their hearts seize up
In anticipation, anxiety,
Please god, make it stop.
Or on that flip side, where time drips from your watch
Like molasses and days blend into one another
And the stars fall out of balance in their
Big black blanket of evening due to loss of fluid motion.
And you watch the clock tick backwards, while everything just
Feels numb.
But even with those seconds, into minutes, into hours, into days
There are moments.
The first time your lips meet that of a great love,
When someone whispers sweet nothings to you
That mean everything,
When you know that nothing could ever be as good as right then.
I want to live my whole life in moments.
I think I will.
:iconwithmybymyself:Withmybymyself 0 1
beaucoup trop loin
I've decided that while I still had time,
While I had your breath on my neck
And your hand in mine,
I should have begun to stretch my soul.
Because now it's taut over 300 miles and
Every centimeter of it is tender.
At night I look to the sky and I hope
That you're looking at the same stars
And my eyes close and I try to remember
What you feel like around me.
Or what you might say about the way the clouds
Roll over the moon and dissect the surrounding constellations.
I'm pinned beneath the concept of time,
And the fluctuating weight of a certain spot in my chest.
And I just want to be able to look up
And see you.
:iconwithmybymyself:Withmybymyself 1 3
Nothing at all
There's nothing quite like the
Dull grey skin of despondent daughters
And how the sun can't seem to shine in their eyes anymore.
Wading in the water, they can't bring themselves to
Ask the Rivers of Langston Hughes for kisses
Despite how deep their soul might have been.
So they wrap themselves in their own arms
And quiet,
And breathe in sharp air;
The kind that ignites the shameful fires in your throat
Of everything you should have said.
Would have said.
Crippling condemnation veils their face
And they look up
And see nothing.
:iconwithmybymyself:Withmybymyself 2 0
The Wake Up Call
I'm outside on the telephone, pretty sure that there's no one home
Don't know what's stopping me from leaving.
Sitting under a starless sky, in perfect silence I close my eyes
Would have been enough to hear you breathing.
But in my head that wasn't right, your hold on me was much too tight,
And all I did was compromise.
I denied that it just wouldn't grow.
It should have been over months ago.
But now, finally, I realize.
I'm through with falling so hard that I'm scared I would break.
How many months of my life were you willing to take?
Clock's hands tick on.
I'm through with following you to that edge of desire,
Because with one false step my time would expire.
Yours has after so long.
And I'm gone.
I couldn't see through your closing doors,
I'm covered in footprints from the bottom of yours.
Stifling tears, I was pretending
That you'd turn around and be brand new
Do all of the things that I'd hoped you'd do.
Patiently waiting for my happy ending.
But in my head that wasn't right, your
:iconwithmybymyself:Withmybymyself 0 1
I have grown.
Thoughts of you have been replaced by a big pile
Of things that are more important.
I used to let you wander through my memories
Make your mark,
Carve it into my happiness, so just a little of it
Seeps out.
Sweet summer kisses, water splashed
Onto pavement, big bites out of red ripe tomatoes,
Which I don't even enjoy, but I know that you do.
Your eyes used to veil mine, and I would see things
Through you warm chocolate browns.
And be happy about it.
But what I couldn't see was that nasty fucking elephant in the room,
Who only had one question for me:
What the fuck are you doing?
So I left,
And so have you.
And I'm happy about it.
:iconwithmybymyself:Withmybymyself 1 1
I don't know what to say anymore.
Winter has somehow gotten to my lips
And they are raw and ready to back down
In this terrible silence.
Our night sky is clear and frozen.
Your jacket feels right on my shoulders
And the air burns our cheeks as we walk
Down my newborn white sidewalk.
The chill clings to our fingers,
Which keep to themselves, as they are awkward
And unwilling to attempt conversation.
Blue blood glaciers drift within us.
What I would give for the warmth of your breath.
For the useless words peeking around your teeth.
It would thaw my frosted image of "us"
Our summer selves.
The perfume of thick grass became
Tangled in our hair and we ran
Down hills, stumbling
Into the arms of one another.
Sunlight shone through every pore
On your face. My land of milk and honey
Was in your deep chocolate browns
And I would wander.
I watch you walk away from me,
And this sad snowfall glides
Down my cheek and I notice
You left me your jacket.
How thoughtful.
:iconwithmybymyself:Withmybymyself 1 2
I want to be a part of you
Elbow, nose, index finger.
I want to feel you in my bones.
To just cut to the chase,
I want to relate to your eyes
The smooth curve of your jaw
Folding up into your lips,
Echoing my desire.
I want to be enough for you
Just as I am.
And even if I don't know who that is
We'll figure that out together.
Heavy weather rolls off your face
And I trickle down into the
ever-forming puddles pooling beneath our sneakers.
Leave your mark on me.
Let me know that I'm yours,
Because as far as I'm concerned
You have always had my permission.
A perfect gentleman walks right by.
:iconwithmybymyself:Withmybymyself 0 0
Why are you sitting there dreamy-eyed,
When you've been lied to, scuffed and dragged through the dust?
Why ignore the spirals of obscure beauty that tell you to love who you are?
Just cut those ties; you can always get new ones.
Hazy warmth shimmers like my recent days,
Fucked up and happy all at once.
But the walls are too close now, whispering conspiracies.
So I'll lend you my nitroglycerin.
We'll make like JB and blow this fucker down
And you can take that first deep breath of the night air in autumn.
Brush off the debris and just walk somewhere, anywhere.
Pack up your shoes, kid
It's time to move on.
:iconwithmybymyself:Withmybymyself 1 2
Try and let you
Roll off my back,
But you get caught on my spine and I
Crumble under thoughts of we intertwined.
When a cold February night brought me to my knees
It's been all down hill from there
I'll adhere to your decrees. If you please,
I could shout your name from the mountain tops,
Slip down the side and slide
Into your fingertips,
Your lips,
And then I trip, all in a tizzy.
Spinning head wondering if or when you ever miss me.
Ignorance is bliss, but it makes you feel alone
So tell me, boy,
How hard is it to find me in your phone?
Oh please just let me know because there's got to be a reason
Why everything you feel, it seems, is changing with the seasons.
You're just not letting me in
Knock on your door, and you pretend like you're not seeing
Me outside your window, broken, pleading..
Baby boy, modesty can be freeing.
Take a step down from the pedestal
I put you on
And now it's incredible. Sweet revenge
Would simply be inedible, and I know now
Your simple directions are just ill
:iconwithmybymyself:Withmybymyself 0 2
The Porch
Nearly translucent melodies
Floating around in my ear canal,
Are swept away by their creator.
They are brought back once more
By the light kiss of a breeze
And they linger, singing me to sleep
If only.
But silence overcomes the melodies,
Soft as they are,
A sliver of sweetness
Rises above the quiet rubble.
It finds refuge in my mind
And lays down the angelic dulcetones
That surround my lobes and immobilize my thoughts.
Ripples of sickly sweet music
Expand and envelop all.
And then it is gone.
The earth slows,
Slipping slightly on its axis.
The hairs on the back of my neck fall back into place
And I try to remember the wind.
:iconwithmybymyself:Withmybymyself 1 2
You seem to have this hold on me.
Your fingers tighten and loosen
And I don't know our reality anymore.
I can't tell where we are because
As I should have expected
You left me in the dark.
Distance has eased things,
Letting my mind absorb the important
Instead of your constant image.
You've backed up quite a bit
Instead of your being so close that I can hardly breathe.
I can remember your kiss
Your eyes
Your everlasting charm so clearly.
You're so good at the game you play
And I don't think I could ever win.
So maybe I'll just quit,
Drop my dice and go.
Because more often than not
It isn't fair play.
:iconwithmybymyself:Withmybymyself 0 1


Dream Sweetly
As I walk across the wet bricks,
Glancing over my shoulder
At your dark windows,
The quickening rain
Dripping patterns on the shirt
That was just in your arms,
I think of the sleep
You will soon be drifting off to.
I hope it's filled with the sweetest of dreams.
Dreams that rise from
The part of your heart
Filled with your best memories,
Your favorite feelings,
The times and places and thoughts
That make you happier than anything.
The kind of dream that puts a smile
On your beautiful sleeping face.
May you feel the sunshine
Warm you, the sound of friends
Whose hearts lie close to yours
Fill your ears with its melodic happiness.
May the time between now
And when you next are in my arms
Be filled with sweet dreams and gentle smiles.
Dream sweetly, my dear.
You are greatly loved.
Dream sweetly.
:iconil-ny-a-pas-dinfec:Il-ny-a-pas-dinfec 1 0
I am crying in the woods behind your house. I am holding my fingers down my throat even though there is nothing left inside my body. I am holding my fingers down my throat and my face is wet and my shirt is wet and I can still taste the marlboro. I am holding my stomach but the wind is rattling my body just as much as it is shaking the trees. I take off my shirt because it is wet and I take off my shoes because I need to feel the earth. And I run. I don't know where I am running, but it is some place deeper. I am sick and I am running. I don't want to run back to your house and see you angry because I am weak. So I run.
And in my head I see you running beside me, holding my hand. You have been running with me this whole time. You have been singing, praying. You have been holding me close and drying my tears with your hair and kissing me where it hurts. You take off your shirt and give it to me because suddenly I feel cold, I feel naked. And you only look at my face and pull my hands
:iconlittlelottexo:LittleLottexo 11 24


I need to keep telling myself that I'm going to be okay. I want desparately for alex and I to get back together, but if we don't, I need to be okay.
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